The Grey Line


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The Good Solider: essay on military dissent, seen through the work of Jo Metson Scott and Akram Zaatari by Jess Cotton

Photomonitor Review by Oliver Atwell



‘I definitely was not pro-the-war… I had a structure of beliefs… I wasn’t apolitical… just I wasn’t as polticised at that time. I knew it was all bullshit but if you’d asked me then “why is it bullshit?” I would have been like “Oh… well… just cos” but as time has gone on it’s like… “Where do…

Now available to buy online at The Photographers Gallery

Review by Wayne Ford for Creative Review

Miniclick Magazine

New Statesman

Fishbar book launch

Review by Tom Seymour for i-D

Prison Photography review by Pete Brooks

Review by Sean O’Hagan in The Guardian

Extract from ‘The Grey Line’

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